Monday, February 7, 2011

One More for January

My January book project has bled over into February a bit, but I feel that I have a handle on the stab binding technique even though I didn’t try any of the fancier binding stitches.  I am sure I will be making more books with this technique as I have a lot of papers that suit the Japanese style binding.

There are several errors on this book, which I could just conveniently forget to mention, but I think I remember saying something about confessing my mistakes honestly.  When I glued the paper onto the board pieces (I used mat board) I didn’t use quite enough glue and there are a few spots with slight bubbles.  Since this was the first time I made covers using two pieces on each side to form a hinge, I was quite nervous about getting both pieces placed correctly and while fussing about that I used the white side of the mat boards on one cover and the tan sides on the other.  Now you can’t see both sides at the same time, so no one is likely to notice it, but I know.

One small thing I learned, since I used my Dremel tool to drill the holes, the hole where the drill bit comes out is cleaner than where it goes in so I will drill from the back in the future.

I sewed the binding so that the tie would be on the front and used some beads to decorate the thread ends.  The insides of the covers are of solid purple card stock and the text block is a textured cream paper.  The Japanese script decorating the front is from one of my ‘collage source’ books and I have absolutely no idea what it means…or even if it is right side up

Since this is real book, I will sign it, something I forget to do too often.

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