Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Leaves Book: Part One

 About the same time I made the Copper Book for my daughter, I made a Leaves Book for myself.  Having spent the fall pressing leaves I was well supplied.  The book was made the same way as the Copper Book: hard covers with accordion spine and individual pages glued in.

The tassel made from yarn, threads, beads, and a copper tag. 
The covers were made with a handmade paper with natural bits in it and the back stamped with gingko rubber stamps.  The pressed gingko leaf has lost its stem I am afraid. 
Postage stamps and maple leaves.
A piece of handmade paper with a leaf embedded and two skeleton leaves.
This page was a clear envelope with the largest leaf inside the envelope.  I used clear embossing powder on the leaf and it has cracked a bit with use.
This leaf was embossed with a very granular rusty powder.

The other two Canadian postage stamps, joss paper, plastic leaves and rubber stamped leaves.

There are so many lovely quotations about leaves I was hard put to choose.

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