Monday, January 24, 2011

Copper Book: Part One

The second type of book I learned to make had an accordion pleated spine with pages glued in and a ribbon binding.  From this first one, I learned that you need more than one ribbon on the binding and that folding paper into an accordion (or concertina) isn’t as easy as it looks.  I now know the secret is to fold the long sheet in half, then fold each half in half, and so on.

My beautiful daughter had gone from an entire youth spent as a blond to a dishwater blond (my genetics) with red highlights (her Dad’s genetics).  She decided to become a redhead, a startling auburn redhead.  I could not get used to her with auburn locks, even though it was a lovely color.  So in an effort to show her some support I dug out all my copper-to-sepia material, added lots of black, and made her a book.

The cover paper had copper metallic stripes and I used velvet flowers & leaves, vintage buttons, and a tassel made with ribbon, string, yarn, beads, feathers, and a copper garden tag.

Postage Stamps, vintage devotional card, metallic covered eggshells

Dictionary page, beads, rubber stamping, copper letters, copper sheet, clear disc (highlighting the word copper).

Rubber stamping, postage stamp, pressed leaves, skeleton leaf, hand lettering.

Rubber stamping, postage stamps, collage elements, hand lettering.
Wire dress, joss paper.
Vintage postcard, copper photo corners, hand lettering.

More coming soon...

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